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Veteran's Incentive Program

The motorcycle community is a vibrant, supportive group that brings together anyone who loves bikes. It has been especially hospitable to veterans seeking healthy outlets to combat PTSD or other mental-health symptoms related to their time in the military.


Ride It Forward, a Veteran-founded cause partners with charities designed to help veterans suffering from PTSD or other invisible injuries by providing them a day of dirt bike training & riding. 


The mission is to serve veterans working through trauma by teaching them about the joys of motorcycles where they can discover their own path to healing. Through these veteran programs, many members call the rides on their bikes “dirt therapy,” or “throttle therapy” as time spent with other veterans often helps them to reconnect with peers, loved ones and themselves.


Working with local veteran organizations to help identify participants, a group of veterans will be provided with a fleet of dirt bikes, all the riding equipment, and training at no cost. While not on the bikes, veteran’s will have the chance over dinner to get to know one another, and learn valuable techniques for managing their invisible injuries.

Donations To the veteran's incentive program Are


*Check with your personal accountant to see if you qualify for any 

available charitable tax-deductions

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