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Journey of Hope

December  2021


Pillion $999
9 days – 8 nights – 5 riding days 

$1,500 Charitable Tax-Deduction*

This Journey of Hope takes you to Colombia, South America where you will experience breath taking scenic mountain highways, twisty dirt roads, jungles, rivers and waterfalls. We will visit a local orphanage lending a helping hand to spruce up the orphanage and you will help install clean water filters and other life-saving necessities to some of the countries vulnerable communities.

Day 1: Arrival in Cali - Colombia (CLO). Airport transportation included. Group dinner

Day 2: Cali - El Cairo. 280km approx, mixed terrain. Arrival in Cairo late afternoon.

Day 3: Activities with the community school in the morning, coffee tour in the afternoon.

Day 4: El Cairo - Jardin. 210km Approx, mixed terrain. 

Day 5: Jardin - El Retiro. 190 km Approx. mixed Terrain

Day 6: El Retiro - Salamina. Morning Activities with the community school in El Retiro. Ride out at 11 a.m..

Day 7: Salamina - Filandia. 180km Approx. Mixed Terrain.

Day 8: Filandia. Activities with the community in the morning - Return to Cali in the afternoon.

Day 9: Return Home


Enjoy The Adventure...

Remember The Journey.



*Consult with your accountant to see what charitable tax-deductions you are allowed

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