Who Are The BDR Journey of Hope Riders

Chad Warner

For nearly 40 years riding has been a part of Chad’s life. From racing motocross to yearly motorcycle adventures with friends, adventure riding is an absolute passion of his. With more than two dozen Iron Butts to his name, he has a great chance of finishing all 9 BDRs in one month. Chad is also the founder of Ride It Forward, a nonprofit organization which partners with local and international charities to help refurbish orphanages and bring clean water and other life- saving assistance to the world’s most vulnerable communities.

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Wailing Wayne Weekend
Dennis Godwin

Dennis was a 2016 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy rider representing the United States in Thailand. He has been riding on-road and off-road for 40+ years, and is another Iron Butt rider who will be the riding partner joining Chad Warner on the BDR Journey of Hope. Dennis also works closely with Motorrad Angels, a charity providing clean water projects through Central America. Dennis combines his passion of riding with a dedication to help others.

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